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Jinyingma Film &TV was founded in 1993 and awarded the TV Play Production License (Class A) issued by the State Radio, Film and Television Administration in 2003 and has emerged as one of the first private businesses recognized by government and has been dubbed “Gold Medal Production Company” within the industry.

As a leading film and television producer with core competences in planning, production, promotion and circulation, Jinyingma Group has been committed to “competitive products” as it tries to move the business to the next level. Jinyingma Group has produced nearly twenty movies and two thousand-odd series of TV plays and won many awards including “Flying Goddess Award”, "Five-One Project", “Huabiao Awards”, among other awards thanks to our concerted efforts and progressive development over the past sixteen years since the establishment. Jinyingma Group was rated as one of the “Top 10 TV Play Producers” by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television and Teng Zhan, Chairman of BOD of Jinyingma Group was crowned as “Best Producer” in 2008. Among the “Elite Products”, Black Hole, Midwinter, Da Zhai Men (Sequel), State Prosecution and other quality TV plays and Life Show, Jasmine Women, 38°C, Beyond Our Ken, Protégé, Red Cliff and other excellent movies are all produced by Jinyingma Group. Furthermore, the company has a strong distribution capability.It’s TV-series sales network centres around Chinese-speaking areas, such as Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia etc., and even also covers the whole world.

Built on the strategy of “quality products underpinning our leading position”, Jinyingma Group has embarked on a capital operating mode typical of the Organization – stepping into the phase of branding operation instead of former method of winning the market through products via business operation; kick-starting brand building, gaining still more market shares through branding, winning capital injection via market expansion, consolidating and expanding brand recognition via strong financial standing, expanding business operation, and forms the virtuous cycle in development. At present, the company is working to further strengthen the cooperation with major leading film and video produce companies and mass media platforms at home and abroad, expanding existing market resources with steady steps. On top of that, we stay focused on producing film and television programs and try to embrace three-dimensional operation of more relevant resources, shifting from specialization to diversification and ultimately developing into a new mode of collective cultural company, also forming the new idea of cultural industry.

In September 2009, relying on accumulations of Jinyingma Film & TV over years and the full support of big shareholders, the company successfully accomplished the reform of stock-holding system and was renamed as “Pegasus Film & TV Production Co. Ltd” with 176 million RMB in registered capital. Relying on strategic resources and financial support of shareholders, the company will give full play to the experience advantage of Jinyingma team and continue to expand film & TV production and distribution. Meanwhile, the company will develop and deliver more films and television programs with local features and prioritize the development of actors advertising agent and film industrial base. The goal is to develop the company into the No. 1 film & TV produce company as well as the No. 1 cultural spreading enterprise in China and get listed on domestic capital market in three to five years.